This public health initiative is forged with the intent to

  • increase access and equal affordability to culturally competent and culturally sensitive care
  • address present gaps in mental health that contribute to public health risks to creatively mitigate this risk
  • foster collaboration and integration of foreign practitioners with Swiss practitioners to strengthen the offering and collective knowledge of the region
  • challenge stigma with increased visibility and normalization of public exposure to mental health topics, narratives and public education.


Benefits for the public
Via MHI website, the public can quickly see which mental health supports are in the region with a wide-variety of providers, searchable through various areas of interest and personal preferences. For the purpose of providing the most thorough support, mental health supports are defined as broadly as possible to meet the diverse needs and cultural expectations of the community.

Benefits for providers
  • Helping the public find your services.
  • In particular if you do not have your own website, you can easily present your specialist areas of expertise. This way, interested parties can get an idea of ​​you and others can recommend you. Just search for your "first name last name city" and you will most likely find MHI (if listed) on the first page on Google.
  • Help local providers and agencies to know more about your knowledge and experience to contribute to public interest projects about mental health in the community. 
Benefits for agencies, associations and specialist groups
  • Associations and expert groups can register their group on MHI and receive a page in their own "look and feel" (a so-called "white label page"). For the visitor of the "white label page" it looks like a page of your association. 
  • Your advantage: You create more access and transparency toward accessing your services to the community.

The idea came about through the exchange between psychologist, Dr. Brandi Eijsermans, the LiLi Centre and FABIA. MHI is operated through FABIA with a collaboration of volunteers from SiVO. Dr. Eijsermans receives no financial benefits or other benefits from MHI or FABIA.

Currently, MHI is seeking collaborations and partnerships to secure sustainable funding. If your agency or organization is interested contact us.

All contact information and free text content are and remain free. This is our contribution to improving the search for mental health supports in the community. 


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