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Maria Samara

Practice Name: Music Therapy and GIM/Psychotherapy | 

Located in Luzern, Zug, Zurich

Music Therapy and GIM-Psychotherapy sessions
Swiss Recognized Titles:
Other Swiss Titles:
Music Therapist, Acredited by the Swiss Association for Music Therapy (SFMT), Certified NICU Music Therapist
Degrees and Certificate:
Schiltmatthalde 46048, HorwLuzern

Phone No.:0766 280 047

Available Time:Monday to Friday: appointment upon communication

Submission Date:March 25, 2020


I offer Music Therapy and GIM- Psychotherapy short or long-term, therapeutic or supportive sessions and/or workshops, that can be tailored to any client/pathologie or audience, in private or in groups. The sessions, can include hands-on or receptive experiences and they can be designed to focus on different goals, according on the needs of the client/group or the setting.

More specifically:
A) Individual and/or group Music Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) sessions with:
-People suffering from life threatening and/or chronic illnesses,
-psychiatric conditions,
-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),
-people with age related issues (Dementia),
as well as
-People facing relationship and divorce-related issues,
-career changes and stages of transitions in life,
-stress and burnout situations,
-anxiety related issues,
-grief and loss, depression,
-creativity blocks and negative thinking, or
-people who are in the process of goal-setting, and/or enhancing their wellbeing and quality of life.

B) Corporate workshops focusing on how to:
-reduce and let go of workplace stresses;
– Relax, Re-charge and Revitalize;
-Improve communication;
– Work with Burnout situations;
-Enhance Personal and Team Creativity and growth;
-Improve Teamwork and Productivity;
-Build Problem Solving Techniques;
-or even help some of the employees deal with personal issues that can affect the workplace environment.
C)Creativity Empowerment Groups for Adults
D)Creative Music Making Groups for children